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Switzerland enshrines its crypto-friendly policies into law

In brief
The Swiss Senate has overwhelmingly approved legislation making it easier to use cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.
The new legislation enables companies to create digital shares and other tradable assets.
The laws are expected to come into effect early next year.
Cryptocurrency-friendly …

IRS Spends $250,000 on Analytics Tools As Crypto Focus Grows

The United States Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) eye on cryptocurrency has grown over the last couple years, and in recent months the government agency has both spent money on cryptocurrency tracing tools and put out a call for additional …

Healthcare makes case for blockchain use despite challenges

The healthcare industry in the United States has shown great interest in blockchain technology, especially after the recent cyber attacks on medical research facilities working on COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the DevPro Journal, healthcare officials believe that adopting blockchain technology …

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