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Interview: How Bitcoin Changed My Life With Yung Lerk

Yung Lerk joined “Meet The Taco Plebs” to discuss his journet to Bitcoin ands its impact on his life.
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Established DeFi Firm Delta Financial Launches New Project

The relatively illiquid side options of trading have slowed the passage of information between option markets and underlying assets. Delta Financial launches new projects to revolutionize the DeFi space. This post seeks to explore this new project and its potential impact on the decentralized finance industry. In September of 2020, Delta Financial launched Core Vault, […

Privacy Coin Verge Suffers Third 51% Attack, Analysis Shows 200 Days of XVG Transactions Erased

According to various reports, the cryptocurrency network Verge has suffered a 51% attack that led to a massive 560,000+ block reorganization. Analysts believe the Verge network attack could be the deepest blockchain reorganization (reorg) in history with roughly 200 days worth of verge transactions wiped. Reports Show Verge Network Experienced a Massive 560,000+ Blocks Reorg […

Bitcoin Will Persist In Nigeria, But The Ban Changes Things

Cryptocurrency trades were central to Nigeria before an exchange ban reminder was recently issued. So, how will things change now?
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MahaDAO to List MAHA and ARTH With

PRESS RELEASE. (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of MahaDao under the trading pair of MAHA/USDT and ARTH/USDT on Feb 15 at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. EST. MahaDAO is a set of DeFi protocols governed by a decentralized autonomous organization. Its […

Bitcoin Explodes Towards $52,000 as Gold Forms Bearish Death Cross

Bitcoin achieved yet another record high in a price rally that has already seen it surging by more than 1,100 percent from its March lows last year. Incidentally, gold, which many consider Bitcoin’s top safe-haven rival, painted a death cross pattern on its daily chart. A recent run-up in the long-dated Treasury yields, prompted by […

Discover How Crypto Traders Are Benefitting by Holding Crypto

Have you noticed what is happening in the crypto market and wondered if maybe now is the time to start investing, but at the same time wondered if the frequent ups and downs in price could make investing in crypto too risky? If this sounds like you, you may want to explore crypto staking, an […

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